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The End Of Time


The end of Time: The most complete, classified collection of statements on final events ever compiled.
You will begin a journey that starts just before the National Sunday Law and travel all the way to the end of time and then enter eternity beyond.
This low-cost one-volume, 8 x 11 hardback book replaces the 18 small booklets and provides you with a number of new features not found in the previous 18-booklet set:

A complete Table of Contents,showing major sections and subsections.
Better arrangement: now 23 chapters instead of 18.
Special Correlative Study Guide.
Complete Locator Index to the sources of the 2,000 quotations.
This priceless compilation of crucial statements now at a very low price and in a single, sturdy book.
Bound in glossy, hardback with a dramatic, full-colour cover.
A book you will read and refer to repeatedly.
A book you will share with others.
Do not move into the future blindly.
Learn the issues and events, so you can prepare for what is ahead

Price: £5.00

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